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Welcome to Torrington Orthopaedics


An Introduction to Torrington Orthopaedics.
Our History
Referral Orthopaedic Service for 18 years

Established in 1999, we moved to our purpose built hospital in Brighouse in 2004 having outgrown our original Halifax hosts (West Mount Vets). Initally Andy Torrington was the only surgeon but now we have five full time surgeons.

Our Focus
Jack of All Trades or Master of one?

As the company name suggests, we are a single discipline Referral service, allowing us to focus all of our attention on the management of Orthopaedic and Spinal conditions. This means that every one of the staff members here have honed their skills and understanding of orthopaedic disease, the orthopaedic patient and his or her needs..

Our Philosophy
Empathy and Compassion

We aim to reach decisions for optimal management of various orthopaedic conditions based on the answers to two key questions:
- What would I do if this pet was my own pet?
- Would your pet sign the consent form him or herself?

Optimal Management
One size does not fit all

All patients are different and our approach will always reflect this awareness of the needs of each patient as an individual living being with a unique set of desires and requirements to lead a life that is fulfilling to them.

We are part of the preferred Referral Network

What we do...

Orthopaedic Problems

At Torrington Orthopaedics we have an outstanding reputation for our approach to the management of Orthopaedic Disease whether the condition is Traumatic in origin or a Developmental Orthopaedic Disease such as Elbow and Hip Dysplasia or Cranial Cruciate Ligament Pathology.

Spinal Problems

Managing Spinal Injuries resulting from Trauma or Disc Disease is one of our key strengths here. Accurate diagnosis followed by appropriate management whether surgical or non surgical and full support throughout the recovery period are essential components of optimal management.


Whether a problem has a surgical or non-surgical solution, the involvement of Rehabilitation specialists is a significant component of maximising outcome. We have Physiotherapy available to our own patients in house. This service is also available as a Referral option for your patients.

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