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Inside Torrington Orthopaedics

Torrington Orthopaedics offers an Orthopaedic Referral surgery from our purpose built Hospital in West Yorkshire. Our mission is to bring compassionate and cutting edge Orthopaedic management for those pets whose quality of life would otherwise be affected by musculoskeletal disease. Our facilities and surgeons are here to help your pet or patient.

Our building was a complete rebuild of an old Mission Hall. The extended part on the right of the image above was added at the time of construction in 2004. The internal layout was a co design by Helen Torrington and Andrew Ackroyd and this was based on maximising efficiency and isolating airspaces to reduce the likelihood of cross contamination of air between surgical and non surgical areas. The clinic is Air-Conditioned throughout which helps to keep our clients, patients and staff comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

Each month this page will focus on a different aspect of the clinic. This month’s focus is on Patient Wards. We have three wards in the building. One is our feline ward and the other two large wards are our Canine wards. We have plenty of Walk in kennels to accommodate the large number of Large and Giant breed dogs we see. These also allow the nurse to access the patient for companionship or to attend to drips and so forth.


This is obviously one of the most important areas in the clinic from a patient perspective and therefore from our perspective. Patients will spend more time in here than anywhere else and therefore it needs to be comfortable, immaculately clean and an environment that promotes a feeling of wellbeing. This combination is achieved primarily by making sure that it is manned at all times by a team of nurses who care passionately about how their patients feel. Of course the structure of the wards matters on a number of levels, but it is the people in here who add this sense of warmth and turn a room in our hospital into an environment that is conducive to recovery. We are blessed with a group of nurses who combine excellent technical and practical nursing knowledge with a compassionate attitude to patient care.

Patients are not simply assessed “through the cage door” but handled and petted in order to make them feel secure and as part of our Pain-Score assessment. Of course some patients need more privacy than others and this is always respected as far as is possible. All staff disinfect their hands between patients. After a patient has gone home, the kennel is thoroughly cleaned and this is checked by means of environmental bacteriology swabs. These are taken routinely and submitted to an external Laboratory in order to ensure that patient accommodation is suitable for the next patient who will occupy it. If only human hospitals were this thorough!

Part of good patient management is attention to detail regarding patient notes. There is a paper set at each bed and a computerised version. Parameters such as eating, tolietting, medications, demeanour and pain score are regularly checked and noted along with the usual Temperature-Pulse-Respiration. We use a Pain-Scoring system that all of our staff are familiar with and that has been devised and evolved at Torrington Orthopaedics. This allows us to tailor each patient’s pain relief to meet their needs and to ensure a great start to the recovery process.


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