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Information about Spinal Diseases

Spinal problems can be sudden in onset or result in gradual onset of signs. This loss of independence can be very frightening to owners and patients alike. This page will be an expanding resource for Owners and Vets regarding management of patients with suspected spinal pathology. Establishing the role of surgical management and the safety and efficacy of Rehab are extremely important in spinal patients. Our Surgeons, Nurses and Rehab teams work together to give the best possible chance for optimal outcome for these patients. Support for the owners of pets with Spinal problems is very important too and we strive to excel in communication and back-up for them in order that everyone involved feels part of a single team, with a single goal.

Cervical (neck) Problems

These patients can be some of the most uncomfortable patients we see. Often pain is the only sign of problems here but some patients will have significant neurological problems affecting all four limbs. At its most severe, patients in this group maybe quadriplegic.

Thoracolumbar (back) Problems

Managing Spinal Injuries resulting from Trauma or Disc Disease is one of our key strengths here. Accurate diagnosis followed by appropriate management whether surgical or non surgical and full support throughout the recovery period are essential components of optimal management. Learn more by clicking the image above or here.

Lumbosacral Problems

Whether a problem has a surgical or non-surgical solution, the involvement of Rehabilitation specialists is a significant component of maximising outcome. We have Physiotherapy available to our own patients in house. This service is also available as a Referral option for your patients.


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