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Attention to Detail taken to a Higher Level

Torrington Orthopaedics offers an Orthopaedic Referral Service from our purpose built Hospital in West Yorkshire. Our mission is to bring compassionate and cutting edge Orthopaedic management for those pets whose quality of life would otherwise be affected by musculoskeletal disease. Our facilities and surgeons are here to help your pet or patient.

Orthopaedic  Management

At Torrington Orthopaedics we have an outstanding reputation for our approach to the management of Orthopaedic Disease whether the condition is Traumatic in origin or a Developmental Orthopaedic Disease such as Elbow and Hip Dysplasia or Cranial Cruciate Ligament Pathology.  Learn More Here 

Spinal  Management

Managing Spinal Injuries resulting from Trauma or Disc Disease is one of our key strengths here. Accurate diagnosis followed by appropriate management whether surgical or non surgical and full support throughout the recovery period are essential components of optimal management. Learn More Here 

Full Rehabilitation Service

Whether a problem has a surgical or non-surgical solution, the involvement of Rehabilitation specialists is a significant component of maximising outcome. We have Physiotherapy available to our own patients in house. This service is also available as a Referral option for your patients. Learn More Here 

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Pre Summer CPD for 2017

Book your places for the CPD events coming in June here.

Torrington Orthopaedics Nominated for Vet Practice of the Year 2016

We have been nominated for the prestigious Petplan Practice of the year for 2016. Thank you to our clients who have supported this nomination. You can find out more about this by going here.

New page on Thoracolumbar Disc Disease Added

We have just added a new page exploring the cause of hindlimb paralysis in small dogs such as Dachshunds, Lhasa Apsos and so forth secondary to Intervertebral Disc Disease in the Thoracolumbar spine. If you want to learn more, click the image or click here.

iPlan TTA on the iPad App Store

This is the iPad Version of the Desktop Planning Software. Not everyone has a Mac, but many Windows users have an iPad as their tablet of choice. This brings the ability to plan to this excellent mobile device. The fact that iPad has a great camera, means that clinics with non digital Radiography can take images of their radiographs and proceed with planning directly. This is something that has never been available to non digital practices and is a potentially great benefit to them and their patients.

Fiftieth Patellar Groove Replacement Surgery

Torrington Orthopaedics has been at the forefront of this procedure from Kyon. Used primarily to manage patients with cartilage loss behind the Patella, we have had some stunning outcomes. We have now performed our fiftieth procedure using this technique. The groove is constructed from Titanium with a Diamond coated surface to reduce friction and to result in significantly reduced friction. This low friction gliding reduces the pain associated with cartilage loss.
This week we performed our fiftieth Groove Replacement surgery.


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