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Environmental Policy Statement

At Medivet, we recognise that through our daily business operations there is an impact on the environment. Medivet are committed to supporting a healthy and sustainable environment across our veterinary practices and all other parts of our business while following relevant legislation and regulations.

To achieve this Medivet will:

  • Establish Policies and Procedures to address how we conduct business in an environmentally sound manner
  • Work with our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors, landlords to promote improved environmental performance
  • Responsibly manage waste generated from within the business
  • Continually work to improve our environmental performance
  • Review Medivet’s environmental policy regularly

2023 objectives:

  • To create and review an aspect and impact register on Medivet’s undertakings
  • Review and assess our utility outputs
  • Review and assess our fleet operations
  • Set KPIs in line with our environmental and sustainability commitments to measure annual improvements
  • Carry out audits in line with our KPIs

All employees are expected to actively participate and cooperate with the environmental policy in their day to day work.

As a branch of Medivet we acknowledge that our operations have an effect on the environment. In our branch we have been working towards the Investors in the Environment Awards by closely monitoring our key resource usage, including volatile halogenated anaesthetic gases. We have a Branch Sustainibility Champion, Lisa Thompson, who with vet Helen Torrington has designated responsibility for the day to day implementation of the Environment policy.

So far in our branch we have audited our use of electricity, gas, water ,paper and anaesthetic gases and reduced them by implementing some simple measures such as using eco rated electrical equipment and having eco ambassadors who remind us all to turn off lights and equipment when not in use. This year we have also surveyed a travel survey to help us develop a travel policy for the hospital.

We have reduced our waste production, we use a waste contractor that recycles card, tins and plastics, and uses other waste to produce green electricity.

We compost kitchen food waste and shredded paper and use this to grow vegetables in our practice garden. We are also a bee friendly practice and plant flowers to encourage bees to visit.

We have also changed to Bamboo Toilet paper, recycled office paper and we are using Splosh refillable cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom areas. So far we have saved over 600 plastic bottles from being taken to landfill!

Annual Sustainability Report 2022

In 2019 we joined Investors in the Environment to try and improve how the work we do at Torrington Orthopaedics impacts on the world we live in. Here is a brief summary of some of our activities and the results - I think you will all be amazed at how well we have done. Thank you all for participating with our projects- without you it just would not be achievable. ( NB all results below are normalised to the amount of work being done in each year, so it is a truer comparison)

Electricity Usage: So far we have reduced our electricity usage by setting reminders to turn off computers/ printers/ air con units/ lights overnight when not in use. Electricity usage to the Bronze Award in 2022 was down 2%.

Natural Gas Usage: We have reduced natural gas usage by making sure the timer is correctly set on the boiler. Gas usage has been reduced , however this was affected by the boiler being broken, so the 70% reduction is not representative. However, since we have used more electricity to heat water during this time, but still reduced overall electricity consumption this is an excellent result.

Paper Usage: We have reduced our paper usage by a colossal 35% !!! Much less printing, using double sided printing if it is necessary- but so much more info now going by email rather than standard post.

Natural Gas Usage: Anaesthetic Usage: We no longer use nitrous oxide and have reduced our isofluorane usage by 47% !!! Using low flow circuits, local blocks and CRIs has all helped to achieve this.

Natural Gas Usage: Waste production: Use of composting and better use of the recycling bins throughout the practice has also reduced our waste production. There was an increase in waste production on the audit, but this was identified as a change in how the clinical waste bins were being counted.

Natural Gas Usage: Water consumption: We have been monitoring water production, which since 2017 has also reduced by about 10%- most of this has been achieved by fixing dripping taps. There was an increase in use of water attributable to beginning the garden project. For the next award we are looking at the use of waterbutts to reduce this.

Natural Gas Usage: As well as all this resource management, we have also run other projects. Using the SPLOSH products has saved 464 plastic bottles entering the waste system! Our use of the bamboo loo roll has reduced plastic waste too. We all now use washable theatre caps rather than the single use disposable caps.

Natural Gas Usage: Carbon Footprint: In 2019 our Carbon Footprint for the Practice was 78.51 tCO2e. In 2021 it was 53.88 tCO2e. A massive 31.3% reduction.

Summary of the Bronze Award Audit:

Investors in the Environment is pleased to confirm that, having recently completed that process, Torrington Orthopaedics Limited has achieved the Bronze level accreditation with a score of 79%.

The team at Torrington Orthopaedics Limited (Torrington) has introduced a good EMS and driven down emissions in many key areas. The Torrington team are clearly enthusiastic and committed to improving the organisation’s environmental performance. • The practice has also made great reductions in many key resources such as paper and isoflurane use, which has halved since the baseline year due to CPD and continual staff efforts. • Torrington has undertaken multiple projects to increase resource efficiency, enhance the environment and support staff wellbeing, such as creating a garden seating area for staff, as well as planting beefriendly plants and vegetables.

Results Section Score Available Score Percentage
Section 1 - Environmental Policy 17 21 81%
Section 2a - Measuring Resource Use 8 11 73%
Section 3 - Targets 2 3 67%
Section 4a - Action Plan 29 35 83%
Section 5 - Communication 4 6 67%
Total 60 76 79%


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