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Common questions asked by our clients.

Usually your vet will have sent us a letter of referral and any radiographs that have been taken. If this has not been done already please bring these with you. If your pet is insured please bring your insurance documents and claim form with you. If your pet is on medication (especially if not related to orthopaedic issues), please bring this with you. If your pet is on a special diet then please bring enough for 2-3 days just in case we need to admit him or her.
Please call us on 01484 404770 or email to check. This is especially the case where surgery may be considered as there is an increased bleeding risk for bitches during their season.
Please try to arrive around 15 minutes before your appointment to allow form filling and administrative tasks to be completed in time for your appointment. The appointment will generally last up to one hour. If your pet is to be admitted this may add another 15-30 minutes to your appointment.
If you have an emergency appointment, then it may be advisable not to feed your pet before the appointment but you can always call to check. In most cases however you can feed your dog on the morning of the appointment if that is what you usually do. If you are asked to starve your pet and your pet has diabetes then please explain this and one of our staff will advise on the best option.
In most cases, any investigations and/or surgeries are carried out the day after the appointment. Surgical patients will then spend at least (depending on surgery and problem being treated) the night after surgery with us. When you call the morning after the surgery, we will confirm that they are suitable for travel home. Some patients having minor surgeries or investigations only may be able to come home the day of the procedure. This is assessed on the basis of recovery from anaesthesia (or sedation) and level of comfort.
We were actually one of the first Referral Centres to permit direct insurance claims as a method of payment.
1. Signed insurance claim form
2. Current policy document/certificate

To process a direct claim, we require you to pay your insurance excess at the time of your first visit, regardless of whether an excess payment has already been paid to your own practice. This will be refunded, if necessary, when your insurance company has settled your account with us in full, as on occasion this excess can be deducted from our claim.
In order to perform a direct claim on your behalf you must have already submitted a claim form to your own veterinary practice prior to your appointment at Torrington Orthopaedics.
If the policyholder is unable to attend the initial consultation, or subsequent revisit appointments, a signed letter of authorisation from the policyholder must be presented by their chosen representative.
At the time of your initial consultation you will be asked to sign the following declaration that explains what would happen in the event of refusal or (occasionally) delay in payment to Torrington Orthopaedics (a Medivet Group Ltd Practice).

I confirm I have a valid insurance policy for my pet, the details of which are stated above, and I wish to use this policy as my method of payment. I understand that;
- Failure of the insurance company to settle any outstanding invoices with Torrington Orthopaedics (a Medivet Group Ltd Practice) will result in liability for payment defaulting to myself and that I have the means to settle any outstanding invoices for my pet’s treatment.
- If the insurance company does not settle the outstanding account within 30 days, responsibility will fall with myself to settle the account.
- It is my responsibility to ensure the insurance company settle within this time.


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