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We are invested in the environment.

Here at Torrington Orthopaedics we care deeply about the environment. We are especially concerned with the impact that Veterinary Practice has on the environment. We signed up to Investors in the Environment Award to help us to understand this impact, and give us a framework to improve how we do things. Have a look at

to see how our we are progressing towards the award.

So far we have audited our use of electricity, gas and water, and reduced them by implementing some simple measures such as using eco rated electrical equipment and having eco ambassadors who remind us all to turn off lights and equipment when not in use.

We have reduced our waste production, we use a waste contractor that recycles card, tins and plastics, and uses other waste to produce green electricity.

We compost kitchen food waste and shredded paper and use this to grow vegetables in our practice garden. We are also a bee friendly practice and plant flowers to encourage bees to visit.

We have also changed to Bamboo Toilet paper, recycled office paper and we are using Splosh refillable cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom areas. So far we have saved 184 bottles from being wasted!


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